What Parents Are Saying

Twenty years of keeping our children on the straight and narrow.  You are the gift that keeps on giving for all of your students.  

Your steadfast calm and ever present devotion is (and was for those of them now in their twenties) – what enables all to succeed. Congratulations and thank you for every session!  

much love, the Hegedus’

How can I thank you for all you’ve done through the years.

With Zach you saved his algebra and now with Andrea.  You have listened, advised, listened, taught, listened, laughed as needed and listened some more. You have been my support also.  

 –  love, Michelle

The words THANK YOU seem woefully inadequate to express what you did for Eliana.  Not only did you take a young girl who was mad about having to even see a tutor to someone who couldn’t wait to see you.  

But in addition to math skills you taught confidence.  Always patient, you worked with Eliana to fill in all the gaps, and gave us a young woman who now does calculus and physics problems that take pages to complete.  Thank you for everything!

– Robin and Richard