I provide one to one tutoring for K-12 students, specializing in math from elementary to Pre-Calculus.   My tutoring is designed to help students succeed in classrooms, online courses, home schooling, and special education programs.  

I begin with a phone consultation to discuss your child’s needs and services I can offer, answer any questions, and determine a meeting time. During my initial session, I try to get to know your child, review any school work or books a child is using, as well as administer informal diagnostic testing.  If necessary, I will also contact your child’s teachers to discuss how I can best complement their efforts.

Following these assessments, I will design a flexible plan to help your child. This plan may include tutoring in specific academic areas, teaching study and test taking skills, assisting in the completion of school assignments, or providing enrichment activities.  I look forward to developing a program intended to strengthen academic skills and positive feelings about learning for each of my students.